29 June 2016

Name The Baby: The Sequel

At 32 weeks, we're getting pretty close to the end game for this pregnancy. (If he comes when Anders did, we're only 4.5 weeks away! Yikes!) Must be time for another Name The Baby contest!

Periodically over the past several months, we have been reading through baby name books looking for boy names we like, with each of us keeping an individual list of any that appealed to us. So far, none stand out overall as obvious winners. Here is your chance to help! We got some great suggestions in the first contest 8 years ago, even after discarding all of the names suggested in the original girl's name round.

This baby hasn't had a codename so far, so we're including that as a category. (We've just been calling him little brother - boring.) It's also important that the name be equally as cool as Anders Rocket; in fact, Anders has stated that his brother should have a vehicle for a middle name, too. So Best Pairing with Anders Rocket is another category.

We'll be picking winners in the following categories:

  • Most Creative (First+Middle Name)
  • Most Likely To Be Used (First+Middle Name)
  • Best Codename
  • Best Pairing with Anders Rocket
In general, we tend to like less common names (at least in this country), with Scandinavian influences or space/science related names getting extra points.

30 weeks

You can submit your entries in any fashion you like: email, SMS, social media, postal service, telegram, etc. Contest is open until the baby arrives. Participants may enter as often as they like. Be creative! Be entertaining! Have fun!

- Mike, Corinne, Anders, and <your entry here>

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