30 September 2004

Someday we'll find it...

This is what it looks like around here all the time... :) Actually, this was taken 3 weeks ago from our deck at about 7:30am. We've seen a number of others in the area as well - the early morning fog must create the perfect conditions. We've even seen a solid double rainbow (though I still prefer the ice cream.)

29 September 2004

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the 21st century, where everyone has 15 GBs of fame rather than 15 minutes. Well, here's ours.

Now that Corinne and I have moved to "the boonies" and have nothing to do all day, I figured I'd try my hand at these "blog" things that seem to be the craze these days. Don't expect anything profound here - we're just not that kind of people. :)

We'll likely use this mostly to post photos of random things; for example:

  • Our house, possibly with us in it
  • Things we see while exploring the area
  • People who come to visit us (hint hint)
  • Local volcanoes as they erupt (if we can get the photos uploaded before the media melts)
- Mike (& Corinne)