19 June 2005

Sheila, Chris, and the Rodeo

In the middle of June, our friends Sheila and Chris came to visit us from San Francisco. As luck would have it, it happened to be the weekend of the Ketchum Kalf Rodeo in Glenwood.

Here we are at the rodeo in Glenwood, about 30 miles north of our house. (Chris missed the rodeo, as he didn't arrive until that evening.)

This was a "real" rodeo, complete with calf roping, bronco riding and bull riding, as well as the more commonly seen barrel racing. We even saw a cowboy from Sheila's hometown of Coupeville, WA, 300 miles away!

Glenwood is a small town of only a few hundred people, but it is beautiful country, full of farms and ranches. Here you can see Mt Adams beyond the rodeo grounds.

Since I didn't get any shots of Chris while he was here, I figured I'd toss in this one of the two of them, from their wedding last August. (We had a great time there, too!)

It was a short, yet relaxing and enjoyable visit. Come back again (and stay longer!)

- Mike (& Corinne)

12 June 2005

Spelunking with Fred

In early June, Fred DiPrizito came down to visit from Seattle. He moved from Boston shortly before we did, but this was the first time our schedules coincided.

To start, we did a "waterfall tour," from which there are many to choose in the Gorge. We chose Horsetail Falls (above), and Multnomah Falls.

That evening, we took Fred on the ever-popular hike on Condit Dam.

The following day, Leif joined us for a trip to the Guler Ice Caves. There are caves just north of us where it stays cold all year round, and winter causes interesting ice formations. April/May is apparently the best time to visit, with the most formations, but it was still fun in June.

One of the ice formations, with back-lighting via a flashlight. The caves are not only cold, but dark. Very dark. So we came pretty well equiped with warm clothes, gloves, and plenty of headlamps and flashlights.

Portrait of the wanna-be spelunkers.

- Mike (& Corinne)