12 July 2015

27/52 - Another Lost Tooth, Cascade Mountain School, Ravelry Fame, Visit from Jim & Julia

Just a week after one of Anders's front teeth fell out, he has lost the one right next to it! He wasn't eating at the time, so it was easier for him to hold on to it. In his note to the tooth fairy, he let her read the "tooth journal" that we've been keeping describing each of the circumstances surrounding his lost teeth.

Depending on how quickly the permanent teeth come in, the timing may work out for him to actually ask for his two front teeth for Christmas this year. We'll see what Santa can do about that.

Corinne has gotten back into fiber arts over the past few years. She recently finished a baby sweater for Rosemary, her cousin's new baby, and posted the photos on the social networking craft site, Ravelry.

Only a day or two after she posted the photos, my mom noticed that Corinne's project was FEATURED on the Ravelry front page! The sweater looks perfect, and the well composed and executed project photos certainly didn't hurt, either. Congrats, Corinne!

Cascade Mountain School is an outdoor science school based in the Gorge. They offer a dozen or so camps throughout the summer, and Anders was just old enough to participate in some of them this year. And the best part is that the camps were located in Trout Lake! No commute!

For Farm Camp, the kids spent time at a small-scale animal farm. Each day focused on a different aspect or set of animals on the farm.

By the end of camp, each child had created a box of "observation card" artwork based on what they saw and learned.

Next up: MacGuyver Camp. (Yes, that MacGuyver. But alas, Richard Dean Anderson couldn't make it.) A collaboration between Cascade Mountain School and Gorge MakerSpace, this camp featured all sorts of creative building and outdoor survival activities.

They learned about solar ovens, then built one and made banana bread in it.

They each made an outdoor survival kit containing such items as: waterproof matches (which they waterproofed themselves), fishing line and hooks, string, an LED light and battery flashlight, a paper and needle compass, and foil.

The kids erected small tarp shelters between trees, explored the local streams for animals, and just generally had a good time outdoors.

We received a visit from Corinne's Uncle and Aunt, Jim and Julia! They were passing through on their way back to Wyoming and spent a day with us.

Anders enjoyed showing Jim his LEGO train set, but I think Jim may actually have enjoyed it more.

Great to see you! Stop by any time.

- Mike, Corinne, and Anders

05 July 2015

26/52 - Lost Tooth, July 4th

Anders lost his third tooth this week, and it was a big one: right maxillary central incisor, aka top front tooth. This one was a long time coming. He first mentioned to us that it was loose about four months ago, back at the beginning of March. He was eating dinner on Tuesday when he noticed something funny in his mouth; by the time he had connected the dots, he had already swallowed it. He was pretty disappointed, but not disappointed enough to take us up on our offer to look for it when it... came out.

Once we explained that the tooth fairy doesn't actually need the physical tooth in order to make her appearance, he calmed down and wrote her a note.

Dear Tooth Fairy: I have swallowed my tooth eating noodles.

She didn't disappoint.

There's something about a kid missing front teeth that is timeless. I think he could convince anyone to do just about anything with this face.

And if the first face doesn't work, here's his "fierce" look.

Anders hasn't been too curious about the tooth fairy; in fact, he hasn't really even noticed the sparkles that she leaves on his face when she visits. But this time, Anders decided that "We should go to the non-fiction section of the library and check out a book about the tooth fairy." Good idea. I wonder if they have one?

Anders has always enjoyed books. But now that he can read many of them on his own, he has taken it to a new level. He is participating in the library's summer reading program, keeping a log of all his time reading. On one night in particular, we had a hard time convincing him to come to the dinner table.

But Mom, I don't want to waste time eating dinner. I want to finish reading my book!

His kindergarten teacher would be so proud.

Aboard the library bookmobile.

Summer has arrived early this year, and unfortunately so has the fire season. Mount Adams has its first wildfire of the season: the Horseshoe Fire. It was probably started by a thunderstorm in late June, but that hasn't been confirmed. It is still relatively small at only about 250 acres. But the 100° heat and remote location of the fire means that it may be a while before they can declare it contained.

Here's a time-lapse video of the smoke blowing over our house on the first day. Thankfully, high over our house.

Whenever we hear a helicopter, we run outside to watch them fly over with their water buckets suspended beneath.

Another quote from Anders, while eating outside at the Hood River Tacqueria this past week:

This is the most peaceful restaurant I've ever been in. No loud talking. No music. No TV.

Yep, he's our kid.

Anders learned the word 'prosthetic' from a certain They Might Be Giants song, but of course he had many questions.

Anders: Is there such thing as a prosthetic forehead?
Corinne: I don't think so.
A: Is there such thing as a prosthetic toe?
C: Probably not.
A: How about a nose?
C: Maybe?
A: How about a prosthetic penis?
C: Yes.
A: What?!? Seriously?? There is really such thing as a prosthetic penis?
C: Yes.
A: Do you know anyone with a prosthetic penis?
C: No.
A: That's crazy.

We'd love to be there when he tries to explain this to one of his friends. I hope we don't get in trouble from other parents!

Happy 4th of July! We spent the day enjoying two local parades, catching up with neighbors at a block party (for large values of 'block'), then capped it off with a fireworks display over the Columbia River.

Anders and BoBunny

Happy Birthday, America!

- Mike, Corinne, and Anders