05 February 2012

Max's 2011 Critter Count

With each new year comes a report of Max's "critter count." He's had some impressive numbers in the past, with 2009 as his peak year. But alas, it would appear that his best hunting days are firmly behind him.

Max's total critter count for 2011 was 2 gophers. Just 2 gophers. That's it.

He is now officially an old cat. He spends the vast majority of his day sleeping. He still jumps up onto windowsills and counters, but it is no longer a graceful act. And he even developed a fur mat just above his tail where he has difficulty reaching.

But whatever Max has lost in hunting prowess, he has gained in tolerance and companionship for Anders.

Anders loves Max, and Max will pretty much let him do anything to him: hugs, pets the wrong way, you name it. For a cat who at one time used to hide from just about everybody, this is pretty unexpected. After Anders was born, Max started to get more social with everyone; I think he realized that he now had some stiff competition for attention. But in reality, I think that it's a "win win".

- Mike, Corinne, and Anders