13 February 2005

That's Entertainment

It seems strange to be posting winter pictures when it's 70 degrees outside, but I guess that's what I get for being 3 months behind.

January snowfall
Here's a picture our neighbor Jeff took after the snowfall we got in early January. Our house is just out of the frame to the right of those incredible walnut trees. The majority of the snow was gone within a week, unlike the storms our former home, Boston, got this winter. Looks like we picked a good time to move!

Train to Seattle
In early February we took the train from Portland to Seattle, and then took Donna and friends to a Christine Lavin concert in Olympia for her birthday. Very funny humorist, folk singer, and just generally entertaining performer. Definitely more geared towards the "fairer sex" (Leif and I stuck out a bit), but very funny.
BTW: We're big proponents of Amtrak, and mass transit in general. We need to be spending more money on our trains and less on widening highways.

We returned to Husum in a rental truck filled with items from a long-term storage unit in Seattle, including Corinne's great aunt's piano! So after convincing several guys from work to help me unload it, we now have both digital and analog entertainment in our entertainment room. :)

Leif Time
Towards the end of February, we were able to spend some "quality time" with Leif. We work in the same office, yet we rarely see him. (He spends most weekends in Seattle visiting with his S/O). So we took him on one of our favorite walks, Condit Dam. I figure we should get in all the walks we can before the dam is demolished. Here are some of my faves from that walk:

- Mike (& Corinne)