29 April 2006

Corinne's birthday weekend

For Corinne's birthday, a contingency of her family came to visit to help us prepare for spring. They brought with them all sorts of flowers to plant around the yard, plus all those extra hands to help us weed and prune!

Dinner @Chez Mike & Corinne

Donna's famous Boston Creme Pie! You have to make it the day before and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

During a walk along the river, Corinne decided to "cool off". Boy, you can really tell that the river is glacier fed.

Loren, relaxing on the "beach".

Planting the peonies in the burm.

Chloe guarding the newly planted flowers. In the background you can see a small dust storm, since it hasn't rained in several weeks.

Dust storm on the field to the north. We eventually had to move inside until the worst of it passed.

Donna & Carol, pruning the vine roses.

Farm machinery! We learned the equipment from Reidar, experienced farmer. Corinne drove the small tractor, while I mowed using our fancy mower. (With as much yard as we currently have, thank goodness for this machine!)

"Backseat" driver.

Corinne & Carol, planting clematis.

Loren and Reidar, at The Logs.

- Mike (& Corinne)