22 February 2010

Anders These Days

Snapshot of Anders at 17-months:

Anders is still a great eater, though he has started to express more opinions about what he wants and what he doesn't. So far, he seems to be eating primarily vegetarian fare. Peas and kidney beans are particular savory favorites. But his true passion is for fruit. He is a fruit fiend: bananas, pineapple, grapefruit, apple, orange, pear, mango, and pretty much all berries.

His all-time favorite food, though, has to be blueberries. We picked up some organic blueberries recently and had to carefully ration them out. If given his way, he would eat them all in a single sitting. Looks like dad is going to have some competition come blueberry season.


Anders has enough of his deciduous teeth at this point that he can pretty much eat anything he likes. He has all of his incisors and three out of four of his first molars. Teething hasn't been too bad for him, though we think that it is waking him up in the middle of the night or early in the morning occasionally. He also doesn't try to chew on everything in his sight. Needless to say, we have no complaints.

We've kept up the evening toothbrushing routine, and he is usually pretty enthusiastic about it, though his brushing skills are still not terribly effective. But at least it is now a part of his normal routine, even if Dad is the one who is doing most of the brushing.

Anders is apparently old enough now that he has started to exhibit some fears.

1. Horses. He doesn't mind pictures of horses, but anything three-dimensional appears to be a problem: his rocking horse, Zak's stick horse, even the horse-shaped jumparoo that he used to love. If he sees any of them, he will start pointing and yelling until they are taken out of his sight. (Sorry, Stef!)
2. Roaring. This one probably should have been obvious. Several of his books have pages that call for animals (usually a lion) to roar. One night dad read one such book, "How Loud Is A Lion?", as a bedtime story. When we got to the roaring page, Dad's impression of a lion roar was a little too good; Anders screamed and had to be consoled by Mom. I don't think that he's picked that story since. Anders also has a circus trailer that hauls a tiger and a lion and has a button on the front that produces a roar. Occasionally he will hit the button, causing him to back away and start crying. We really need to take the batteries out of that toy.

Anders loves his books. He will often just pick up one of his books, sit down, open up the book and start reading it out loud to whoever is around. It doesn't seem to matter that half of the time the book is upside down. He also spends quite a bit of time looking at his animal flash cards; the cat, giraffe, and lion are his favorites.

He still gets excited by cars, trucks, and pretty much anything with wheels. And sometime last fall, he learned to make car noises. Now he does it whenever he sees a car, whether it be in real life, in a book or magazine, or on his own shirt.

He seems to have pretty good hand/eye coordination. He likes playing "ball" and can do a decent job of throwing or rolling the ball to you. He doesn't quite understand that it's more fun if you are not standing right next to the other person, though.

If we want to keep Anders entertained, all we need to do is give him some crayons and put down a piece of paper. That will occupy him for a long time. And of course, the results will end up on the fridge.

It's really starting to get interesting now...

- Mike, Corinne, and Anders Rocket
Date: February 22, 2010

21 February 2010

First Skinned Knee

With the unseasonably warm spring weather, we have taken to walks with Anders. Anders is so thrilled to be outside and walking that he giggles most of the walk.

For us parents, it's an exercise in letting go as each walk usually ends in a fall. But practice makes perfect.

As you can see at the end of the video, this walk resulted in Anders's first skinned knee. (See what happens when you don't watch where you're going?)

- Corinne, Mike and Anders Rocket
Date: February 21, 2010

Evidence for Parental Cause and Effect?

As parents, you often wonder what effect your approach to parenting has on the development of your child. But occasionally I think you might get some hints.

Case in point:

At 4.5 months, we played this game with Anders while on a trip to Boston:

Then, at 6 months we played this game with him:

Now at 17 months, he has decided that this is fun:

Coincidence? I think not.

- Mike, Corinne, and Anders Rocket

18 February 2010

Haircut #3

Anders's hair seems to be growing as fast as the rest of him, so he was due for yet another haircut - his third. We went back to his personal stylist, Tifani.

He started off by wandering around the store, exploring the various hair products. You can see pretty clearly from this photo that he was due for a trim.

Everything started off normal, but once Tifani started cutting he decided to get upset. We still don't know quite what he thought was wrong.

After a few minutes of crying, he calmed down and was perfectly fine for the rest of the appointment.

Another satisfied customer!

- Mike, Corinne, and Anders Rocket
Date: February 18, 2010

06 February 2010

The Problem With Hats

It appears that Anders has the same problem as his mom. The distance between our crown and eyeline is less than the hat's (i.e the hat is too deep). I had to special order a XS snow boarding helmet. Maybe this is why Anders doesn't like hats: they always end up in his eyes.

- Corinne, Mike, and Anders Rocket
Date: February 6, 2010