22 May 2016

21/52 - Entering the Third Trimester

Here we are, about to enter the third trimester of Corinne's pregnancy. It's hard to believe that we're here already! Time for an update.

For a variety of reasons, we recently switched to an ob/gyn clinic in Gresham. The upshot is that when the baby is ready, we will be driving to the hospital in Gresham for the delivery, about an hour and 30 minute drive from our house. (Unless, of course, things don't go according to plan.) But it also means that we have access to more advanced equipment, including nice ultrasound monitors. Here are some of the pictures from our most recent appointment.

Face, profile

Face, portrait (aka "Voldemort")


He's at about 26.5 weeks and is looking remarkably like a real person. Corinne is still doing well with no major issues other than some sciatica pain and a little less energy than usual, both within normal pregnancy expectations. Onward we go!

Meanwhile, we have another child. As we have mentioned before, Anders is a reading junkie. He had a definite preference for non-fiction over fiction, but the Magic Tree House series has helped us to strike a better balance. Out of the 54+ Magic Tree House books, he only has about 3 more that he hasn't read. They are often finished on the same day that they come home; on other days, he is reading 3 at the same time, switching between them indiscriminately. Within non-fiction, he has branched out to more than his past favorites of wildlife and vehicles. A sampling of topics from his current library books includes Greek mythology, The World Series, Pope Francis, Obama, and giant squid. When he is engrossed in a book, the house becomes pretty quiet.

On the not-so-quiet front, about a month ago he decided that he wanted to learn how to whistle. In fairly short order, he went from being able to make a very airy, barely tonal sounds to full-on whistling. It has now become a default action that he seems to do without thinking; when we're playing a game, riding in the car, or even reading to him, he is usually whistling. His two most frequently whistled tunes are Hail to the Chief and The Imperial March, sometimes with the two songs interleaved. (One or more of those songs will be useful to know come this November.)

We're pretty happy that he was able to pick it up on his own. Now, if we could just get him to put it down sometimes...

- Mike, Corinne, Anders, and ??